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January / February 2019 • Vol. 36 No. 6

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  5	 Grateful Every Day
                                                                      18	 2018 Project of the Year
  Phillip Jones, Operations Manager for Metro Public Works,           Chattanooga’s Anderson Avenue Project
  reflects on his career. Jones shares that he is “grateful every
  day to do what I do, work on a great team in a great city, and      The Anderson Avenue Green Infrastructure Project serves
  serve as the 2019 TCAPWA President.”                                as a model for replication in other areas where green
                                                                      infrastructure practices can be established and monitored to
  6	 2018 TCAPWA/SWANA Conference Overview                            determine changes in water quality and quantity.

  From October 21-23, 2018, more than 300 professionals in            20	 2019 TCAPWA Leadership Directory
  the Public Works field and equipment vendors from across
  the state gathered in Nashville for the annual Tennessee            Get to know the folks who represent you on the TCAPWA
  Chapter of the American Public Works Association and                Board of Directors in addition to Branch Directors and
  Solid Waste Association of North America Conference.                Committee Chairs.

  10	 Equipment Rodeo                                                 22	 De-Icing Device Demonstrated in Knoxville

  It’s deceptive to watch how the Tennessee Public Works              Through unanticipated—and yet appropriate—snow
  professionals make running those giant machines look so             flurries, City of Knoxville staff demonstrated a new de-icing
  easy. The Equipment Rodeo is a signature event for the              device made possible by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and
  Annual Conference and an opportunity for skilled employees          the University of Tennessee, Knoxville at the City’s Public
  to showcase their finesse with the machinery.                       Works Service Center on December 5, 2018.

  12	 Trade Show                                                      24	 Harrison Road Project Completed in Lenoir City

  There were 47 sponsors and 56 booths at the Annual                  Lenoir City recently completed a project containing sizeable
  Conference in Nashville. Their participation determines the         improvements to Harrison Road. Due to the proximity of the
  success of the conference. This event provides the perfect          improvements to the residential subdivisions and school
  opportunity to connect with Public Works departments                systems, the project provided safe pedestrian connectivity to
  from across the state.                                              the neighborhoods, and bus routes were enhanced for the
  14	 Golf – A Friendly Competition
                                                                      TCAPWA EVENTS AND HIGHLIGHTS
  Fifteen teams of golfers had beautiful weather, if a little chilly
  at the start, for the Sunday golf outing to Ted Rhodes Golf         	 26	 West Branch Meets at A2H Office in Lakeland
  Course. The 18-hole municipal course is a picturesque
  setting for a great afternoon of play along the banks of the        	 27	 Middle Branch Meets in Centennial Park
  Cumberland River.
                                                                      29	Contributors
  16	 2018 TCAPWA Awards
                                                                      30	 Local Government Buyers’ Guide
  The seven recipients of the TCAPWA Awards are highlighted
  in addition to the Project of the Year Award winner.                Cover: Over thirty Nashville third-graders and their teachers
                                                                      attended the Equipment Rodeo, cheering on the operators.

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