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TCAPWA Executive                             By Phillip Jones, TCAPWA President
                                             Grateful Every Day
                                               My name is Phillip Jones. Many of you have met me
PRESIDENT: Phillip Jones                     over the years, but for those of you that haven’t, I’m the
Operations Manager, Metro Nashville          new TCAPWA President. I’ve been involved with the                  Chapter for many years, and I believe wholeheartedly
(615) 533-2377                               in the work we do.

PRESIDENT ELECT: Justin Holland                My story isn’t glamorous. It’s a story of humble
Administrator of Public Works, Chattanooga   beginnings, but one I’m proud to tell. Growing up,                    I wasn’t like most kids. I didn’t dream of being an
(423) 643-6000                               astronaut, or a doctor, or a superhero. My role models
                                             weren’t on TV or in the movies. I simply wanted to
VICE-PRESIDENT: John Fox                     be like my dad—a man who worked hard to provide
Operations Assistant, Collierville           for his community and his family and had the respect                   of his peers. My dad worked for Metro Public Works
(901) 457-2800                               for 40 years. He began at an early age, starting with an
                                             entry-level position. For 40 years my dad went to work
SECRETARY: John Chlarson                     each day for the City of Nashville, keeping the streets
Public Works Consultant, MTAS                clean and safe and rising up through the ranks to                  become Streets and Roads Superintendent.
(731) 695-2472
                                               When the time came for me to choose a career, I looked to the example set by my dad.
TREASURER: Kenny Wiggins                     I started out at Metro Public Works as an entry-level maintenance worker. With a young
Director, Public Works & Engineering, Alcoa  family to care for, I took every hour of work I could get, picking up shifts and working                  overtime to make ends meet. The weeks were long, and the work was grueling at times, but
(865) 380-4800                               I knew, even back then, that it was important.

WEST DIRECTOR: Mike Adams                      Over the many years I’ve worked here, I’ve seen Nashville grow and change. I’ve seen
Public Works Director, Bartlett              the city transform into a world-class tourist destination filled with music, great food, and                    successful professional sports teams. But these years haven’t been without their challenges.
(901) 385-5570                               The one that still stands out in my mind to this day is the flood in May of 2010.

MIDDLE DIRECTOR: Cody Osborne                  As an employee of a Public Works department, my greatest and most important goal is
Waste Superintendent, Metro Public Works     to keep people safe during trying times. I vividly remember the weather briefing where                   I learned about the possibility of a catastrophic flood. I’ve attended countless weather
(615) 862-4070                               briefings throughout my career, but this one stood out to me.

UPPER EAST DIRECTOR: Nicholas Bradshaw         As the river and tributaries crested, I watched our department, working in close
Fleet Services Deputy Director               collaboration with other state and local agencies, snap into action. I’ll never forget taking                    a helicopter ride to survey the damage and seeing how much work was ahead of us. These
(865) 215-6194                               are the kinds of events that test a city, and I’ve truly never witnessed anything like the
                                             way our community came together during those days and weeks. The 2010 flood caused
LOWER EAST DIRECTOR: Eric Sines              a lot of damage, a lot of chaos, and a lot of sorrow for many people living in Nashville.
Director of Public Works, Collegedale        It also strengthened my commitment to my work, and to the work that we do in every                     Public Works department in Tennessee and across the entire country. One of my proudest
(423) 468-1983                               moments was winning the APWA “Project of the Year” award for the City of Nashville’s
                                             flood response.
Ronnie Hammonds                                When I reflect on my career so far, I can’t help but think about my dad. I can’t help but
Streets & Sanitation Manager, Kingsport      think about those 40 years of hard work, those relationships he built, and ultimately those               people he helped each day. His legacy wasn’t built on some singular great accomplishment.
(423) 229-9397                               It was built on thousands of small acts of public service—potholes that got filled, sidewalks
                                             that got repaired, trees that got trimmed. That’s the case for so many of us doing this work.
Assistant City Manager, Kingsport              My own children are nearly grown now, and I’ve worked my whole career to make life                   comfortable for them. I hope they’re able to look at my example and be proud of the work
(423) 229-9470                               I do, whether I’m helping coordinate the response to a hundred-year flood or whether I’m
                                             sending out a crew to replace a guardrail. Most people would be shocked to know I have
CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR: Mark Miller           a sentimental side, but I’m not ashamed to say I love my job. I have the opportunity to
Public Works Director, Pigeon Forge          oversee 340 employees and watch many of their careers develop in the same way mine did.                I’m grateful every day to do what I do, work on a great team in a great city, and serve as the
(865) 429-7312                               2019 TCAPWA President.

WEBSITE COMM. CHAIR: Colline Ferrier	        	  View online at	                                                            5
Public Relations Coordinator
Chattanooga Department of Public Works
(423) 643-6030

P.O. Box 52503, Knoxville, TN 37950
(865) 288-0815; (865) 924-4956
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