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         5   Invest in the APWA Foundation                     16  From Podcasts to Videos to In-Person:
         Through its four designated direct giving avenues/        United Rental’s Safety Trainings
         general fund, the APWA Foundation enables Public Works   When the pandemic hit, equipment rental companies
         professionals to give back to their profession’s dedication to   searched for alternative ways to get construction safety
         education, training and awareness as First Responders.  training done in a safe but still relevant manner.

         6   Polymer Vehicular Bridges: Reinforcing the        18  2021 TCAPWA Scholarship Winners
             Country’s Crumbling Infrastructure                Tenacity, drive, a motivation to excel and servant leadership…
         With approximately 150,000 U.S. bridges in need of    these attributes describe both 2021 TCAPWA Scholarship
         replacement, one solution may be low-maintenance      Winners Shelia White and Tarel Kenneth McClurkin III.
         composite bridges like the one recently installed near
         Wartburg, the first fiber reinforced polymer vehicular    19  TN Chapter at the TML Conference
         deck to be installed on a road in the state.          Roundtable sessions, workshops, exhibit booths and
                                                               networking events were on the agenda at the TML’s 81st
         10  Kingsport’s Miracle Field Receives                anniversary conference in Chattanooga.
             National APWA Project of the Year
         This construction project turned out to be “a breath of fresh   20  West Branch September Gatherings
         air” during the pandemic, giving hope during a darker time   Nearly 50 Public Works professionals learned about
         and increasing the capability to enjoy outdoor sports for   pavement preservation at a lunch hosted by the City of
         special needs children, wounded warriors and others.  Lakeland, then attended a Memphis Redbirds game.

         12  Boss Earns Murphy Snoderly Award                  22  PW Spotlight: Brad Peters, Town of Greeneville
         After 30 years as a City of Knoxville Public Service Worker,   Brad Peters reflects on subjects such as the town’s upcoming
         Harry Boss is known for both his excellent training   $8.2 million Depot Street streetscape and utility project, and
         demonstrations of 20+ types of equipment…and for      ponders why his family grows vegetables that they don’t eat.
         his spot-on timing in telling bad jokes.              24  River Group Reaches 100,000 lbs. Milestone

         13  Berge Named Oak Ridge Public Works Director           of Trash Removed in 2021
         After serving as Oak Ridge Public Works Utility Manager, and   Over 500 volunteers have helped Keep the Tennessee River
         a half year as Interim Public Works Director, Patrick Berge   Beautiful (KTNRB) remove more than 100,000 pounds of
         was sworn in this fall as new Public Works Director.  trash from the Tennessee River and its tributaries this year.

         14  PWX: Stronger Together in St. Louis               26  2021 TPWI Class Schedule
         TCAPWA members had a lot to celebrate in St. Louis at this   27  Contributors to this Issue
         year’s APWA conference, including the chapter’s continued   28  TPW Equipment Spotlight
         success (again!) in winning the national PACE Award for
         Chapter Excellence.                                   30  Local Government Buyers’ Guide

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