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TCAPWA Executive
        Committee                         Invest in the APWA Foundation
        Client Account Manager, Jacobs Engineering         •  Advancing the awareness of Public Works professionals as First
        (423) 779-3075
        PRESIDENT ELECT: John Fox             Responders
        Operations Assistant, Collierville    •  Encouraging Public Works as a career of choice to support future
        (901) 457-2800                        workforce development
        VICE-PRESIDENT: Nicholas Bradshaw   •  Enriching the APWA member experience with advancement of Public
        Director of Fleet Services             Works professionals both in North America and internationally
        (865) 215-2150                    •  Expanding educational training and professional development
        SECRETARY: John Chlarson
        Public Works Consultant, MTAS         opportunities for Public Works professionals
        (731) 695-2472                    OUR INITIATIVES
        TREASURER: Kenny Wiggins            The APWA Foundation has four designated direct giving avenues and a general
        Retired                           fund to provide donors with the ability to direct their donation to a specific
        (865) 679-9724                    Public Works initiative or activity.
        WEST DIRECTOR: Ethan Skaggs       - Public Works Education Fund
        Principal Engineer, LDA Engineering            The APWA Foundation provides financial funding to create educational
        (901) 568-1929                      training and professional development opportunities focused on emerging
        MIDDLE DIRECTOR: Regina Santana     public works technologies, leadership development, public works innovation,
        Engineering Services Director, Lebanon              and best practices idea exchanges between Public Works professionals.
        (615) 444-3647
        UPPER EAST DIRECTOR: Bryon Fortner   - Advancement of Young Professionals Fund
        Public Works Director, Sevierville    The APWA Foundation provides financial funding to APWA programs          dedicated to the advancement of young professionals. These programs provide
        (865) 429-4567
        LOWER EAST DIRECTOR: Eric Sines     Public Works leadership and management training for individuals who have
        Director of Public Works, Collegedale   been working in the field of Public Works for less than ten years as well as            opportunities for professional growth and development of the next generation
        (423) 468-1983                      of Public Works professionals.
        Kimberly Strong                   - International Public Works Education Fund
        Public Information Specialist               The APWA Foundation provides financial funding to support Public
        (423) 643-6187                      Works professionals to participate in international study and professional
        PAST PRESIDENT: Phillip Jones       exchange programs such as the Jennings Randolph International Fellowship
        Operations Manager, Metro Nashville         program. This promotes international collaboration, sharing of education
        (615) 533-2377                      and best public works practices along with the opportunity to network within
        CHAPTER ADMINISTRATOR: Mark Miller   North America and with international peers.
        Public Works Director, Pigeon Forge
        P.O. Box 1350, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868   - Public Works Awareness in the Community and Public Fund
        (865) 429-7312                        The APWA Foundation provides financial funding to promote public works
        COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR:               awareness in local communities, awareness of Public Works professionals as
        Bonnie Mumpower Dodson              First Responders, and the promotion of Public Works as a career choice to
        Accounts Coordinator, Chattanooga           support future workforce development. These current APWA initiatives are
        (423) 643-6031                      enhanced with the APWA Foundation’s financial support. 
        TPW PUBLISHER: Klair Kimmey
        P.O. Box 22491, Knoxville, TN 37933
        (865) 288-0815; (865) 924-4956

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